Besides being ECI employees, we are citizens of our communities. That’s why ECI, supports volunteer activities and social responsibility projects wherever we operate. 

Organizations ECI donates resources to:

Ben YakirYazamimShiur AcherMentor for LifeMatanUnited WayYedidNetHope

We are proud to be part of a diversified and global company.  This brings both challenges and opportunities, as we work not only in a multi-language environment, but also in an enriching multi-cultural framework. 

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Over the years ECI has intensified its research and development of applied technologies that will help the company and community grow, and together, create a more connected and sustainable society.  Our sights remain squarely on the future with the goal of continuing to lead a comprehensive effort that will have a positive impact globally, on all levels: social, economic and environmental

Read our 7th and Latest Report: The Future is Elastic

The report focuses on the steps ECI is incorporating in daily operations to promote its innovative, responsible and ethical approach to conducting business. In addition, it reviews how ECI actively conserves resources, invests in its employees and upholds a strict 'Code of Ethics'. 

Quality is one of the basic tenets guiding all our activities, as it impacts directly your ability to achieve your business goals.​

As such, we comply to several rigorous international standards that provide us with the framework for continuous improvement. 

Since 2011, ECI has been awarded the Diamond Mark by the SII. The SII grants the Diamond Mark to companies that embody business excellence and quality leadership. The Diamond Mark is given to organizations that have at least seven quality certifications, indicating they have adopted management systems, processes and products that conform to international standards.

ISO 9001

TL 9000

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

SI 10000

SI 10000

ISO 27001

ISO 17025

ISO 22301