Driven by the needs of the changing times, SmartLIGHT™ is ECI's portfolio framework. Our solutions are built to enable you to control your network in real time, quickly incorporate innovation and work seamlessly in multivendor environments.

Four interconnected layers bring our solutions to life:

Transport Hardware Layer

ECI’s converged packet-optical transport and NFV based solutions provide the basis of the infrastructure layer.

Control Software Layer

enables simple, intuitive control of the transport layer via a best-in-class network management system, and soon, via a state-of-the-art opensource SDN controller.

Applications Software Layer

enables increased network optimization and control. Importantly, SmartLIGHT supports "smart migration" to SDN, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of SDN applications immediately, on their current installed base.

All encapsulated by our Security Layer

which leverages ECI's security expertise with best-of-breed solutions.

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