Apollo (OPT)

Optical Transport with Packet Services

State-of-the-art, transparent and flexible DWDM transport with integrated packet services.  Apollo combines high performance, low-latency, OTN transport and OTN switching, with software configurable optical routing, for maximum efficiency.

All Topology

OTN transport plus switching

Integrated Packet Services

MEF certified Carrier Ethernet

High Efficiency Operations

End-to-end visibility control

Product details comparison
OPT9603 OPT9608 OPT9624 OPT9904X OPT9914 OPT9932
Maximum Capacity (Client + Line) 1.0T 3.2T 9.6T 2T 5.6T 16T
Trasponders and Muxponders Yes Yes Yes No No No
Switching (ODU-XC + Packet/L2) No No No Yes Yes Yes
Layer 2 Stand-alone-blade Stand-alone blade Stand-alone blade Fabric interface blades Fabric interface blades Fabric interface blades
Photonics Amplifers, ROADMs Amplifers, ROADMs Amplifiers, ROADMs No No No
Height 2U 5U 15U 5U 22U FR
Product Specifications and Comparison

Neptune (NPT)

Packet Transport with Integrated Optics

A family of carrier, MPLS based, multi-service packet transport platforms, for best-in-class solutions for the metro. Equipped with a broad mix of interfaces, NPT offers cost-optimized, multi-service packet transport, supporting delivery of both packet and TDM-based services over a converged packet infrastructure.

Unparalleled Elastic Multiservice
Carrier-grade Service Assurance
Comprehensive Solution from Demarcation to Core
Multilayer Visibility and Control
Product details comparison
NPT-1010 NPT-1011 NPT-1020/21 NPT-1025 NPT-1030 NPT-1050 NPT-1200 NPT-1800
Capacity 5 Gbps 6 Gbps Up to 60 Gbps 56 Gbps Up to 50 Gbps Up to 200 Gbps Up to 320 Gbps Up to 2 Tbps
Height 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U 2U 8U
Placement Metro Access Metro Access Metro Access Metro Access Metro Access Metro Aggregation Metro Aggregation Metro Core
Product Specifications and Comparison

MSPP – Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms

Carrier-grade multiservice provisioning platforms simplify the transport of TDM and packet services, decreasing time-to-market for new services, while boosting the flexbility of adding, migrating, or removing customers.



The Multiservice Access Node (MSAN) platform was designed to provide the full range of advanced broadband services. Suitable for deployment in central offices or remotely, they can support any mix of ADSL2+ or VDSL2 subscribers, making it an ideal choice for FTTC architectures.