Introducing Optimized Multi-Layer Transport Systems (OMLT)

Introducing Optimized Multi-Layer Transport Systems (OMLT)

Because network convergence doesn’t mean you have to compromise 

Your old packet-optical transport platforms did not provide you with the true convergence your network demands. Our vision for the OMLT is to realize all the costs savings that layer 0 to Layer 3 integration can bring.
The OMLT is a highly unique and innovative concept for true convergence of the optical and packet layers without compromising on cost or functionality. 
Because you need to:
Support your customers’ high demands for bandwidth, fueled by new multi-media services and the evolution to 4G
Reduce your cost of building and maintaining your network, to make sure that supporting those advanced services will not affect your profitability
Guarantee your competitiveness in the market by enabling you to introduce new services quickly and effectively
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OMLT for Dummies
OMLT for Dummies

Learn more about Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) with this easy-to-read guide

Building carrier-grade packet transport networks doesn’t need to be so expensive. By extending MPLS-TP to the metro and by providing multidimensional flexibility to handle a variety of traffic types, protocols and interfaces, you can lower
your TCO without compromises on quality or
services. Read More