Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

upcoming events


Enjoy a glass of beer in the company of our DC & Cloud experts at Beer n' Gear Happening on June 2 at 6pm​

Indatel 2015 Summer Symposium

Meet our experts to learn how an Elastic Network can deliver scalability and flexibility to your existing network.​

Big Telecom Event

Meet our experts at booth #701 and learn how you can benefit from ECI's Elastinet.​

Asian Utility Week

​Visit us at booth 0037 to learn how your needs are met with ECI's Elastinet solutions for utilities.
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Visit us at booth 10.2/G 18 and meet with our Elastinet experts.


Visit our Booth # 11 to learn how you can benefit from OTN Switching on your NREN.

WDM and Next Generation Optical Networking 2015

Meet our experts at booth #11 to hear how you can benefit from ECI's Elastinet.​

Speaking Engagements
Building carrier-grade packet transport networks doesn’t need to be so expensive. By extending MPLS-TP to the metro and by providing multidimensional flexibility to handle a variety of traffic types, protocols and interfaces, you can lower
your TCO without compromises on quality or
services. Read More