​NANOG63 will offer a great opportunity to network with colleagues, freshen-up skills, learn advanced networking techniques, and discover new network applications​.

ECI will be presenting its Data Center solution.​​​
The place where CXOs from the metro fiber market meet to learn, debate and network.​
ICS Security Conference

​Come See us at the Checkpoint Booth!​

ENEA Conference
Efficiency, Resilience and Quality of Service of Critical Infrastructures (CI), such as electrical grids depend upon Resilience and Quality of Service of their SCADA. 
SCADA systems, which constitute the nervous systems of physical infrastructures, are severely threatened by cyber-attacks, since they have just emerged from a significant transition, i.e. evolving from a proprietary and closed architecture to open, standard-based solutions aimed to enforce interoperability and deployment of smart systems. 
The European CockpitCI project have developed a modelling framework and a tool for the community of CI owners to early detect, analyse and mitigate attacks in order to improve CI Efficiency, Resilience and Quality of Service and avoid disastrous cascading effects. 
The present workshop intends to present project results. 
Furthermore, cyber security issues for SCADA and CI operators will be addressed and business impacts will be discussed. ​
Energy Utility Week
The Energy Utility Conference brings together government officials, public authorities, system integrators, vendors, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders from around the world to share their knowledge and experience. Taking part in high-level discussions on energy utility, participants will explore Israel’s advanced energy technologies and systems.
Enterprise Innovation Forum
Come and hear Jonathan Homa, Optical Networks Director, speaks about The Internet of things, the virtual connection of data between people, processes, and things, promises a world of new economic opportunities. The talk will discuss how this is emerging and how the underlying Internet infrastructure needs to evolve to deal with the resultant high volume, low latency, cloud distributed, traffic on November 18 at 15:30.
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