WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking APAC
<div class="ExternalClass0475E65D06A54F02B996AA81622D1D0B">Asia’s leading event bringing the APAC Optical Networking eco-system under one roof.<br /><br /> Come and hear Jonathan Homa, Director, Optical Networks Marketing at ECI speaks about: <br /><br /> 100G Optimization and Beyond – Getting the Most from Your Optical Pipes Monday, March 25th, 14:00 </div> ​
<div class="ExternalClass604CF1A47D2942B29C9CF19813AE9BEB">The COMPTEL PLUS Convention &amp; EXPO is the preeminent networking event for innovative communications companies and their supplier partners​</div>
<div class="ExternalClass95E64F15D0D84ACD92246C18EB9D1CDD">Come and meet us at Halle 13, OG, Galerie südwest, 1. OG.</div>
Metro Connect USA 2014
<div class="ExternalClassD9EB09983C4F47818F8A889D1492E2DA">C-level touch point for leaders in the U.S. connectivity market​</div>
Nordics Carrier Ethernet Seminar
<div class="ExternalClass7D913FCC10C84DF5B5723D35815CD666"><div>MEF’s Half day Nordics Carrier Ethernet Seminar followed by a Carrier Roundtable Networking Event.</div> <br />Come and hear Yoav Valadarsky, Head of Solutions Marketing speak about CE 2.0 Ethernet Services Evolution : The session distinguishes key service elements in CE 2.0 and includes new use cases and case studies featured in the MEF's latest awards program It also reviews recent MEF service and management specifications.</div>
Nordics Carrier Ethernet Seminar
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Building carrier-grade packet transport networks doesn’t need to be so expensive. By extending MPLS-TP to the metro and by providing multidimensional flexibility to handle a variety of traffic types, protocols and interfaces, you can lower
your TCO without compromises on quality or
services. Read More