Today's network infrastructure is complex. Making the right choices is imperative for your network performance and flexibility. Our experts are there to guide you on your path. Whether a quick consult, or an end to end design and build - we are just a phone call away.

With you every step of the way.

At every turn and every juncture you can count on ECI's professional services executives for support.

Because generating revenues is the key to your business, our network experts provide support to ensure your network is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

Maintenance Service Packages comparison




Action Hotline - Technical Assistance (8*5)   Yes Yes Yes
Extended Action Hotline - Technical Assistance (24*7) No Yes Yes
Software Repair Yes Yes Yes
Remote Diagnosis Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Repair Yes Yes Yes
Software Upgrade No No Yes


At ECI we believe every customer should be self sufficient. That is why we provide you with the tools to do just that. Plan your own network, troubleshoot, automate..... All at your fingertips.

The tools to make you completely self sufficient.


When the tools and training are not enough - our service professionals are here to support you in any way possible.